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  1. Speaking of chorizo, what is up with Japan’s hatred of Mexican food? I couldn’t find any Mexican food joints in Tokyo save for an El Torito, which doesn’t count. Maybe it’s because there aren’t many Mexicans in Japan, but you don’t *have* to be Mexican to open a Mexican food joint. But I surveyed 1 Japanese person (a new volunteer at the library I work at) and she said, “Ew, Mexican food. Too spicy. I don’t like it.” So basing my theory on my extensive survey: Japan hates Mexican food.

  2. A Test? What the hell? I thought you just got done telling us you weren’t, in fact, a university?
    This is getting out of control!

  3. Maybe this is just the unaccredited school of Metroidvania, offering minors in Megamanology.

  4. It’s more a survival test than an academic one, i.e. should you be allowed to live long enough to see me usher in the New Era?

    Study carefully.

  5. ohh do another. With, like, various metroids from the various games. And a man-o-war jelly fish.

  6. Are you kidding? Japanese people like spicy food, but just not the latino kind. The asian spices are a bit different, almost a sweeter taste.

    Mexican food uses a lot of ingredients that are just very difficult to come by in Japan, especially cheese.

  7. Kenan: Cheese is Tex-Mex, not Mexican. Except crumbling cheese, but that stuff doesn’t go into a lot of dishes.

  8. I still have no idea what those rocket-propelled pillbugs you shoot with the ice beam to hop on and get to the next area are called.

  9. Yes, chorizo has Spanish origins; I was going to point that. Jam beat me, though. And I am SO beating you guys in the multiple choice section. Always go with C, that’s the way.

  10. Yeah, and I thought Wasabi was a little too strong. Anyway, for spicy food don’t look in Mexico, the spiciest of the spiciest is found in cajun food. That shit is hot as hell. But maybe I’m way too used to the south of the border kind of spicy since I eat it almost everyday, so I find cajun food spiciest because I find the taste different or something. I’m sure the spiciest hot sauce I’ve ever tasted was made by an american and not by a mexican. Of course, he was one of the last cowboys, not like the afeminated, emasculated, metrosexual, hedonistic, narcisistic, end of the 20th century americans. And that’s my two cents on stereotipical pseudo knowledge of cultures that goes on the Internet without any regard for anthropology.

  11. What’s really funny about Wikipedia is that despite its excess of completely useless information about nonexistent things, its contributors pride their diligence in weeding out “fan glurge.” Whatever, dudes. There’s more information on Metroid critters than on the city of a quarter-million people where I grew up.

  12. “There are approximately 104 unique tiles composing Ceres station. Each tile is a 16×16 pixel object that can be flipped and rotated. The musical loop for Ceres is approximately 4.26 seconds long. While Samus is in the station, but before meeting Ridley, the screen has a bluish tint on the front. This blue follows a specific pattern: The bottom 56 pixels have their blue value (on the RGB pixel format) increased by 112. Above that, each 16 pixels has their blue values decreased by 16 every 16 pixels, creating a blocky fade. The three scientist corpses in the room where the Metroid larva was shown in the introduction have purple hair, though it appears blue with the filter applied by the SNES.” WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE

  13. After reading that, this can only mean that the movie One Hour Photo was a documentary and not a drama.

  14. I particularly like how it mentions 104 unique tiles and a 4.26 second music loop while informing us that these are merely approximations.
    No. An approximation is “about 4 seconds”.

    Regarding the amount of detail on Metroid creatures, I blame the scan visor.

  15. You made me look up my hometown, and hey, I had to fix something. Stupid Wikipedia.

  16. Oh my God. I can’t believe there’s an entire PAGE dedicated to naming all of the little Metroid critters. After some 15+ years of playing Metroid over the years I never once bothered to learn most of their names. Well now I guess I know. Thank you Wikipedia for enriching my life just that much more.

  17. “There’s more information on Metroid critters than on the city of a quarter-million people where I grew up.”
    True, but (A) which do you know more about and (B) which entry are you more likely to edit yourself?

  18. Thanks very much, I used to keep eating giant bird aliens instead of sausage. Good to finally get that sorted out.

  19. I think the punchline of the “Metroid Critters” article is at the top where it says “Please expand this article.” Yes, they want that article to be bigger.

    To tom: At least you aren’t eating statues. That would be really bad for you.

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