It's a nice day for a white protest

San Francisco never seems to disappoint. What could have been a boring Monday was instantly enlived the moment I stepped out of the subway and found myself in the thick of a protest march. I guess some people are angry about immigration laws, or something. I don’t know, as I didn’t actually stick around long enough to find out. Thousands of people banging drums and dressed as rastafarian clowns (read: Bozo with dreds) flanked by what appeared to be the entirety of the SFPD in full riot gear helped me reach the conclusion that the cacaphony was best appreciated from a distance. Like, a block away and eight stories up.

What made it indigenously San Francisco, of course, is that I could hear the march as I climbed out of the subway, but the first thing I saw was good ol’ Frank Chu, tromping along with his usual 12 Galaxies sign. He wasn’t protesting the same thing as everyone else, I’m sure. He just loves having company for his perpetual struggle against the Man, or… whatever it is he’s struggling against. Fight the power, Frank. Assuming that’s what you’re fighting.

Also, I tallied up my game collection over the weekend and determined that I own way, way too many games. I’m not even hoarding… they just seem to accumulate. So I think it’s time for a weeding. Anyone need about 180 random, unneeded games for pretty much every system under the sun? The Lynx stuff alone is priceless.

No, wait, sorry. I meant “worthless.”