How do I love thee

You know how much I love Final Fantasy XII? I love it so much that I’m excited to see Sony has finally confirmed the U.S. release of Rogue Galaxy, which despite arriving slightly before FFXII in both Japan and America is quite simply the single biggest FFXII rip-off imaginable. Oh, except — ouch, random battles. So maybe it would be better to describe it as the unloved offspring of FFXII and Skies of Arcadia, since both the tone and encounter rate are totally like Skies.

But I think there’s maybe been enough talk of RPGs around here lately. And I don’t even want to get into that whole Nintendo Wii business. So… uh, how about that New Super Mario Bros., eh? It’s, uh… I wonder if I’m allowed to write about it? The print/online disconnect is so annoying. Maybe if I limit myself to “I am enjoying it despite being forced to play it on an old-model DS with a mushy D-pad and a heavy steel security device bolted to its back”? Or “Basically this is Super Mario Bros. 4.” Or “Stop capitalizing on my childhood you jerks.”

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  1. So, are you saying that NSMB is flawed, or that the Koopalings actually are in the game?

  2. Or maybe he doesn’t consider their lack a flaw, because there are plenty of other things in it that are just as entertaining. But who knows? I’m sure there’s lots of stuff in there that we haven’t seen in the previews yet.

  3. Good God, every game I’m looking forward to is coming out at just about the same time. I guess I’m at least lucky that that time happens to be relatively close to Christmas.

    I really have been looking forward to Rogue Galaxy, being the action-rpg loving person that I am. This concept of ridiculously scarce loading screens intrigues me.

  4. I’m also looking forward to Rogue Galaxy –amid all this “next-gen” hoopla, it’s one of the two games I’ve been actively interested in the past year (the other being FFXII.) But then, I’m in love with its spiritual predecessor Dark Cloud 2, and the advance videos of the Rogue Galaxy cutscenes impressed me far more than anything I’ve seen on G.R.A.W. or the MGS4 teaser. So, even if RG ends up feeling too similar to FFXII, I’ll probably still end up loving it beyond any reasonable, healthy expectations.

  5. So, how is the length of the game? Is it longer and meatier than Super Princess Peach (which I certainly enjoyed…but after playing Stari 4 recently, it dawned on me that SPP is definitely more of a TOSE game than a proper Nintendo game). And… please tell me there is catchy music!

  6. Kvasir, have you played the NSMB yet? I understand Bowser Jr. (or whatever the hell they call him) is in the game. I’m really hoping the koopa kids make an appearance.

  7. I understand it’s Bowser Junior and not the SMB3 kids. Please go reread my original question.

  8. And Wart! I want to see Wart again! Bowser sucks! Wart rules! And Mouser, Birdo, Threeclyde and all the bosses from Super Mario 2 which were way much more diverse and imaginative than the lame koopa kids or whatever you call them! Wii!

  9. Morgan, yes I have. Tomm… huh? I wasn’t even talking about what you said. Some people still think the Koopa Kids are in the game, apparently.

  10. My only question, which will decide whether or not I purchase a DS for the express purpose of thetting this game, is will the Big Green Shoe be in it?

  11. Iguana> Probably not, but you can ride around in a blue shell.

    And the new Nintendo Power recently debunked the bit about the Koopalings in the game, it was a mistranslation. The producer was likely refering to Bowser Jr.

    I’m betting that one flaw Mr. Parish sees in the game is that the characters are polygonal instead of sprite-drawn. Am I right?

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

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