Duck 'n' cover

Oh geez, that stupid FFVII diatribe was slashdotted today. So much for keeping it, as they say, on the DL. These days, exists as a sort of separation of church and state kind of thing, so I can be an opinionated jerk about games without being fired, but now there’s no way my screed will be going unnoticed. Carless, this is your fault, and I expect a cushy job once the axe falls.

Actually, I doubt anything will come from this, but it should definitely make my Square Enix booth visit and interviews a lot more interesting come E3.

Speaking of E3, preparations are in full swing and I’m already considering a cyanide capsule to cut my suffering short, which means nothing much is happening with Issue Six at the moment. End of May is definitely the ship date, for shore.

P.S. Congrats to Kevin Cogger for coining the neologism “pokemonetize,” which has inexplicably generated about 200 Google hits for this site in the past 24 hours. I’m not entirely sure why people are suddenly so eager to search for it, but given that Kevin’s comment is the only search result that comes up I think it’s safe to say he has successfully invented his very own word. Well done.

Edit: Say guys, guess who wrote a Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin preview based entirely on second-hand information?