The man with the machine gun

While everyone has been getting their panties in a bunch over other people’s opinions about video games, I’ve launched a modest project. And, as with all of my projects, a very doomed one.

8 thoughts on “The man with the machine gun

  1. If you finished all your projects, you would rule the world. I believe you have stated that same thought before. I hope I’m not the only one still waiting for you to finish that Onion thing.

  2. Eh, I’d have to be good and depressed before I could even think about Onion again. Maybe if Bush gets elected for a third term.

  3. Jeez, now you’ve just gone completely insane with this latest, ah… project. But oh well, if your expectations/demands aren’t met, you can always nuke the site. From now on, just call this place… Outer Heaven.

  4. Looks pretty neat. If you want to send me a link to where you got the volume info for the Japan only stuff, I’ll try my hand at translating the kanji after class. Shouldn’t bee too bad.


  5. rootdown – No no, I think that was an entry in his *other* blog. See, that’s the advantage of running two separate blog sites – two insane projects for the price of one! Best of luck all ’round. Fortunately even Jeremy’s half-finished projects tend to be entertaining. And hey, it looks like I and some others should be getting zine issue 6 soon, proving that blind unjustified faith can pay off, eventually.

  6. Yeah, the videogame is something I’m doing on the clock. This is just something to have going in the background when I feel like talking about M-16-induced head trauma.

  7. Jeremy, I think you need to add a comment to “The Impossible Hit”. Something along the lines of “the one (and only one) that almost everyone has read” (with some clarifications on everyone.

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