OK, so maybe 420 isn't a joke

I guess I misspoke yesterday. It seems that San Francisco is really, really serious about 420. I guess it makes sense; our hippie legacy means that pot is probably the closest thing to a religion you’ll find within the city limits. And political activism, especially for pointless left-wing rallying causes, is all the rage. Combine the two and mix in the fact that most pot fans consider smoking up in itself to be a political statement and you have a clear explanation of why the city had a blue-tinged haze yesterday. The last time I’ve smelled as much dope as on my bus ride home last night was when I was at the Fillmore (a hippie institution) to see Ozric Tentacles (’nuff said). I kept wondering why there was a skunk-like miasma hovering over me all the way home until I stood up to leave and realized the entire floor at my feet was covered in burnt marijuana.

Anyway, the foul smells put me in a foul mood so when i got home I decided to celebrate the release of Advent Children by writing about Final Fantasy VII. I’d call it a review, but it’s not. It’s basically free-form antipathy. Which apparently is what people used to come here for in the first place, so hey. Knock yourselves out.