The finish line, almost

Dear loved ones devourers of bandwidth:

ToastyFrog Zine 6 currently stands at 14,603 words, which means that I’m almost at my target goal of 15,000 words. (None of which are necessarily worth reading, but I never made any quality promises.) My flight touches down in San Francisco in 8 hours; by that point I will have put the wraps on the main text and, hopefully, the motley collection of sidebars. Of course, that won’t be the end of the ordeal, seeing how there’s still layout and art to be done (somewhat complicated by my move to an Intel Mac as it means my trusty copy of Quark Xpress 4.1 no longer works and I’ve been trying to learn InDesign as I go along). Details aside, I should be able to mail it by the time I head for E3 — or at the very latest, by the end of May.

Then again, maybe I’ll just grind soul-collecting in Dawn of Sorrow for the rest of my vacation and put off this ordeal another three years. Hmm, decisions, decisions….

PEE ESS: Today marks the centennial of San Francisco’s great earthquake, so it seems appropriate that I’m celebrating by rocking your world. Yes, yours. And yours. And yours, over there. But not yours, you’re not on the prepaid list.

14 thoughts on “The finish line, almost

  1. Woo, cool! I’m glad to see you still rockin’ it indie.

    By the way, whatever happened to that “stack of zines” you were going to send me? I got sad when nothing arrived in the mail. :-(

  2. Oh, what happened is that I’m a big dope and forgot. I’ll make a note to get those out on my calendar, which is the only force in this universe that can keep me organized.

  3. InDesign CS totally rocks Quark’s world, anyways.
    Now if you’re using oldschool inDesign, I weep for you bitterly.

  4. Amen to that AoF. Quark had its day, but it didn’t innovate when Adobe got serious. I suppose I should be grateful to get even Quark files though when we have our share of customers sending us MS Publisher files.

  5. The buttons will initially be sent out as one of the extras for Issue 6 as a small apology for taking so long to get it wrapped up. I’ll have some extras though.

    P.S. 19,179 words. Just have to wrap up one small sidebar and I’m done.

    P.P.S. It’s inDesign CS2, and it’s pretty good, but it does have some seriously retarded UI issues.

  6. Thank you in advance. :-)
    By the way, have you tried Unou no Tatsujin? It is so “Namco good.”

  7. Being on the list requires having paid for the stupid thing like three years ago, or having sent me a hefty stack of ‘zines in return. Better get crackin’, Tomm.

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