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  1. Que hondas cabrón! Oblivion’s only big problem is that the AI has a lot of A but not too much I. But tha has been a problem with AI since the whole concept was invented to describe the simulation of apparently inteligent behavior in a program or part of a program. Hey, my dog can also interact with the world according to certain needs and conditionings, but that doesn´t make it intelligent. Anyway, the graphics look good and the gameplay seems O.K. when compared to Might and Magic VIII, but not VI and VII. Also, the monsters leveling up with you sucks, because you can’t backtrak and kick some ass where you weren’t able to kick ass thus making leveling up less fun and not part of exploration. The game looks pretty, but I’ll be bold and say that it doesn´t look that much better than Morrowind (which is the best RPG in the TES series where you could find who and what you needed where who and what you needed were; “intelligent” behavior when related to night and day can hurt gameplay, I like games, not realism, and for reality I still like my life, thank you). Download DOS Box and Betrayal at Krondor to experience a truly epic and wholesome RPG experience still the best RPG ever. The torrent of Oblivion is already available boys, but don’t tell that to your local tax authorities.

  2. can you “pay me” $1 as a “freelancer” so I can write off all my game purchases?

  3. Somehow I always figured Toasty would be the one more likely to roam around sewers killing rats than Rorita.

  4. I wonder how the MMORMPROMRRPRMGS do on the Macbooks. CoH in particular, but I’m sure people are interested in WoW and EQ2 performance as well, and so far I haven’t seem much but Half-life and now this piece (which is all good info).

  5. If you join the City, I bet it would be nothing short of entertaining. (I’m picturing a Huge green and brown frog man. Assuming nobody else has swiped it already.)
    I’m on Pinnacle, sometimes!

  6. Inane comments? No levitation spells equals a pretty sorry ass CRPG game. Sorry children. Might and Magic VII IS better. And no, I don’t want to be paid to say inane comments, I just like to have my own opinion instead of being paid to have other people’s opinions.

  7. Cool article, Parish. Pretty much how I found out about Boot Camp. With that bit of info, you can add me to the list of people now seriously considering a Mac for a next computer purchase. (Not that I havn’t in the past, but I’ve got a decade plus backlog of pc games. Now I can rest assured they won’t go by the wayside.)

    While you’re in the neighborhood of PC land, feel free to try Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 if you havn’t. The first was ported to Mac, but as far as I know not the second. They both manage to be way cooler then any of the movies could ever hope to be (and yes, I am including the original trilogy in that.)

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