It’s a really really good thing Apple has that seamless transition software built in to new versions of OS X, because this week is punching the crap out of me. If I had been forced to move from one machine to the other piecemeal I would currently be dead. As it is, I’m feeling a little rueful that I didn’t take that EGM job when I had the chance, because 1UP is seriously trying to break my spine and my soul at the moment. Kinda like what happened to Batman, except the perp isn’t nearly as hairy.

But hey, assuming I survive the next few days, I have this to look forward to. Apparently Apple has accepted the fact that its customers are eager to hack the new Intel-based hardware to run Windows and, in an effort to sabotage their fun, has gone and officially sanctioned it. I’ve got about 40 GB of free space just begging to be filled with XP and the handful of games I’ve been forced to pass up over the years — I believe this machine has a completely ridiculous 256 MB attached to its graphics card, and since I ponied up for the 2.16 GHz dual-core processor I’m pretty sure the PC gaming world is suddenly my oyster. System Shock 2? Check. Half-Life? Faith and begorrah! Elder Scrolls? Suck it down. And yes, Nich, I guess I’ll finally play Planetscape: Torment, now.

But most of all, I’m dying to play around with Multimedia Fusion. ToastyFrog: The Video Game? Yes.

And the best part is that when I’m done I can just restart my machine and pretend I’m still living in a Windows-free world. It almost makes up for not being able to play Spectre VR. I should probably wait until this system-level muckery moves beyond the beta phase, though.

Edit: More good news: O’Malley has finally finished Scott Pilgrim 3. That gives you just enough time to run out and read volumes 1 and 2. Because, really, if you can’t appreciate the greatest story ever, I don’t think we can be friends.

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  1. oh, and thanks for pointing out Multimedia Fusion – that definitely puts my heart in the right place.

  2. Is the human race ready for a game that will doubtlessly be the most pretentious videogame EVAR?!?

  3. My game has to be anti-pretentious. After railing on MGS2 and Xeno-whatever for so long I’d be a hypocrite otherwise.

  4. interview will be transcribed by end of day today, jpn time. tomm writes a lot. and in very shaky handwriting. probably to do with the fact he wrote it all in an airplane.

  5. Warning Parish: At the begining System Shock might seem a little bit dated. Kinda looks like a N64 game without the blurriness. But once you get past the dated 3D and get into the story, the RPGing and the strategy of knowing what and when to shoot and when to run from what, you’ll appreciate one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. Also, play Far Cry, it’s a beautiful combination of gorgeous beaches, sun, sea, open spaces and endless massacres and blood baths which require lots of strategy of when and what to shoot and where and from what to run. It’s gorgeous. So far, besides Chessmaster 10th Edition and Battle for Wesnoth, it’s the only videogame I’m currently playing.

  6. With all the love you give O’Malley (and well deserved too) it’s a shame the mere mention of his name doesn’t cause a giant love-fest for O’Malley in your comments like I think it should.

    To be clear: I met him, and he’s awesome. He laughed at one of my jokes! Also, I’ve totally been to Castle Loma (where he fights Ramona’s second evil ex-boyfriend in book 2). You see how cool it is to mention Scott Pilgrim?

    – Eddie

    – Eddie

  7. Mal is one of my earliest internet idols. I’ve been in love with his work since at least 1997, long before Parish fist rescued me from purchasing Megaman X6.
    I found it interesting that Bryan O’Malley once claimed on a blog that his favorite website was toastyfrog.com.

  8. Oh, yeah, Scott Pilgrim, I guess it’s like System Shock 2. Once you get past the bad drawings and get into the humor (The Clash at Demonhead, awesome), you’ll appreciate one of the finest comics ever. And stuff. I’m still more into Alan Moore and the guy who did Chakan though. And Cerebus was also done by a Canadian guy, wasn´t it? I like Cerebus.

  9. First Jeremy starts shilling for MicroSoft and now Apple is doing it too. Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?! And I don’t mean the Marvel comics charcter… Although perhaps this could be his handiwork. It makes about as much sense as any other explanation.
    On a different note I’d like to suggest an alternate name for ToastyFrog – The Video Game : Toastyfrogger.

  10. Now I have a mental image of Rorita trying to drive a car (and a log?) over poor Toasty. Thanks a lot, QPCES.

  11. The toastyfrog game could be a direct sequel to the original Blaster Master, except you play as Rorita to save Toasty who ODed on toxic materials and jumped into a giant hole in the ground.

  12. “I found it interesting that Bryan O’Malley once claimed on a blog that his favorite website was toastyfrog.com.” I find it unlikely he’s even heard of this site, let alone likes it. I am a tiny, irrelevant fish. Anyway. On System Shock seeming dated: Bear in mind I’m the guy who is usually called on to review retro compilations for 1UP and EGM. On Scott Pilgrim and “bad art”: Pfft, some people have no taste. On the ToastyFrog video game: Come on, people. You should know it’s going to be a Metroid/Castlevania clone. On posting batch responses like this: God, now I’m as annoying as you guys.

  13. Last I checked, which wasn’t too long ago, Shock 2 holds up quite well, actually. Sound design helps a lot. The screeching monkeys and suchlike are still scary as shit.


  14. For some reason, I instantly thought of a Metroid clone as well. Although, I have to admit it, “Toastyfrogger” had lots of potential.

  15. Well, the name of the blog was “Sarcastabitch!”, so it’s possible he wasn’t entirely serious, but the fact remains that he said it.

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