New site artwork and color scheme. In case you somehow missed it. Special thanks to The Girlfriend for the hott photography.

Edit: Pft, I think everyone missed the point. My girlfriend is a photographer, not a model. That’s some other chick in the photos. Twiggy legs are a dime a dozen, but good photography is much harder to come by. No matter; while you were complimenting the appearance of someone I barely know, we had a good chuckle at your expense. (LOL @ ALL)

32 thoughts on “Corduroy

  1. minus a head, a little age and some height, she looks exactly like my girlfriend.

    her skin tone/consistancy in particular.

    quit ripping me off. and don’t rip off Garden State, either.

    although i didn’t really like the movie that much, i understand completely why a lot of people do. however, i have serious problems with that film from a commercial standpoint. to me, it was like the Hot Topic of “indie films” with “indie music” [that is on major labels].

    Since that movie (and later, the O.C. becoming popular), people toss around “indie” with ridiculous disdain. Just like saying something is “punk” or “gay”, it really has no meaning anymore.


  2. i loved garden state. but i saw it with danish subtitles, which made me really happy, cause i’d keep muting the movie to see how much i could understand by reading, which pissed my girlfriend off a lot. the soundtrack was rad too. i have an alarm clock which does the same really annoying Vakratunda prayer as is in the very intro of the movie.

  3. People have been tossing the “indie” label around since Pulp Fiction. But by the logic people use, Serenity, Legally Blonde, and Mac and Me can be considered “independent”.

  4. Parish, you should be ashamed of making your girlfriend pose like that on the Internet. Thank God there was a lady with proper manners behind her and foiled your dirrrty plans. And I used to think you were such a nice guy…

  5. I can’t help but think this is clearly meant to symbolize something about your relationship. This is either very good, or very bad. Given what aspects of your personality toastyfrog represents, I mean.

    Also, the ladyfriend is very lovely.

  6. Silly humans, my girlfriend took the photos, she didn’t model for them. I wouldn’t objectify her like that; her job is to objectify models. Plus I don’t date the whiteys, or so I’m told.

  7. Oh, Good. I’ve been holding back all these crude, sexist remarks because I didn’t want to offend you.

  8. That doll has to be homemade, and it looks like one my grandma did for me once (so, totally awesome ad stuff). And also, rumors regarding Parish being a catholic priest were completely exagerated.

  9. So I HAD NOT figured which one was the girlfriend, as I previously thought. Parish, you have played with my heart for the last time.

  10. Well, since I’m late to the party, I can act like I was in on the joke the whole time and just say “nice photography”.

  11. Thank god you cleared that up. I thought it was pretty obvious your girlfriend was the photographer since you did, in fact, write “thanks to The Girlfriend for the hott photography.” Which, to most people that can read, indicates the taking of the pictures and not posing in them. I thought that maybe I had suddenly gone stupid or something when people started to e-slobber all over the girl in the picture thinking that she was your lady friend. Nonetheless, your lady friend takes some hott pictures, and you are one lucky fella. Artists are teh sex.

  12. Whether the commenter above is being satirical or is just an idiot, I think it emphasizes the importance of the modifier “who can read” attached to the word “people” in my previous post.

  13. Given the “stupidifier” of “hott” before photography, I had it on good terms that the english was bad on purpose, thus making possibility that the girl in question was in fact the girlfriend.

    I think I’ve become too skilled at reading english in a way that compensates for poor english skills. Damn you, Digg/Fark.

    But anyway, no need to be an asshole about it.

  14. An asshole is like a pin. Penetration is easier when great force is applied with a small area…

    I mean…

    It is better to be an asshole than a whole ass.

  15. The photos are wonderful! That being just a small sample, she must be a very good photographer! Nicely done.

    Love the plush doll.

  16. Aw, don’t take it personally. I still love you. I just had a desperate need for a something amusing this weekend and you were the unwitting vector for that amusement.

  17. whatever.
    if that was your girlfriend, she’d still have sharp knees.
    also, it could have been a self portrait. contrary to popular Myspace belief, one can use an auto-timer and avoid either reaching out their arm or taking a picture in a mirror. however, putting a lens flare in a picture with a caption that says “just got photoship, tryin it out LOL” is still entirely required.

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