Amphibian orbital cannon

I said I wouldn’t draw another comic strip until I’ve finished the text for Issue Six. And I meant it! This isn’t a real comic strip, see. It’s something stupid I doodled on the bus home last night, based on a completely ridiculous dream I had the night before. So then what, you might ask, is the difference between this and an actual comic strip? It’s a fair question; everything I do is stupid, ridiculous or sloppy. But this has no watercolor wash.

In other news, this is brilliant. Cruel and highly illegal, but brilliant.

23 thoughts on “Amphibian orbital cannon

  1. The PSP of chocolate would be a gigantic truffle that, when you bite into it expecting a tasty dollop of rich fudge, turns out to be packed with carob instead.

  2. The Gizmondo would be a fresh dog dropping wrapped in gold foil, placed on your front doorstep inside a paper bag by a large man with Mafia connections. He would then set the bag on fire before knocking on your door and running away quickly.

  3. I’ll see your Nomad — which is a Hostess fruit pie in that it’s similar to a full-sized pie except portable and somehow less satisfying — and raise you a

  4. The is the digital equivalent of Hershey’s chocolate. It’s fine if it’s all you have, but if you ever try a REAL chocolate, and learn the difference? You’ll hate it forevermore.

  5. This comic is pure comedy gold, if only for the doodle of the frog cannon.

    And I disagree, Fletch. The is more like a Chocolate bar that looks a little stale, but when you try to take a bite it chips your tooth and leaves your mouth in pain for weeks, all the while tasting like spinach.

    I want whoever’s next to do Game & Watch.

  6. Game & Watches are tiny expensive truffles that only give you a second or two of chocolate pleasure but which knock you out from withdrawal if you dare to eat more than one.

  7. I disagree. Game & Watch is like a wax cola bottle — vaguely recognizable as a primitive form of candy, but tasteless and unsatisfying to anyone with modern tastes.

  8. The NGPC is like a Take 5 because it’s a great candy bar but the Butterfingers are, the Game Gear is like yogurt because it looks appealing at first but eventually you get sick of it, and the Tiger R-Zone is like one of those hats with the two beer cans on the side that you try to suck the beer out of but it doesn’t work and you end up spilling more on yourself than you do getting it into your belly.

    How’d I do?

  9. damnit, I meant it to say the take 5 will suffer from it’s lack of third party support from rolls gold pretzels.

  10. The original Game Boy is candy corn. Everyone keeps it around for what it symbolizes, but nobody really eats it anymore because they got sick of it when they were kids.

  11. The Pokemon Mini is a single Nerd. One, tiny, solitary, sour Nerd.

    What, aren’t you going to give me more candy than that?

    You bastard.

  12. I would have figured the NGPC was Pocky, a fun little import that a small minority swears by, but is largely ignored by everyone else.
    Here’s my question – what’s the videogame equivalent of Tamarind?

  13. Wrong on all counts.

    NGPC: A rare Italian dark chocolate — bliss for connoisseurs, but too rich, expensive and specialized for most.

    Game Gear: A box of Russell Stover’s chocolates. A nicer package than more popular candies like Hershey’s, but half the fillings are inedibly gross flavors.

  14. When you guys figure out the video game equivalent of a dark-chocolate truffle filled with ganache and hazelnut, let me know. I love those things.

  15. So, have you actually played the game yet, or are we still going by the [totally awesome] artwork and screenshots? Sigma Star Saga was even cooler before it was playable, if I remember correctly.

    Oh, and Wonderswan: its like those random bags of japanese candy. No one knows what it really is, they cost too much, and the fanboys who buy them refuse to admit that a lot of them taste like crap.

    And I’ve got one more! TurboXpress: Chewy SweetTarts. Taste wonderful, goes down smooth, but just as soon as you’re really getting into it, the bag’s empty.

    And I’m going out on a limb a bit here, but, the DS = PEZ. Great novelty item, but the candy’s not to bad, either. Especially good when shared with friends.

  16. I have played the first hour of Scurge: Hive, and playing the remainder of the game shares rent with Final Fantasy XII as the one videogame-related thing I am genuinely excited about.

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