The evil forces of the Wondercons

Since you’re probably not one for futile endeavors, I doubt you click through to the Zine page very often to check on its progress. So you probably didn’t notice that I added about 3,000 words to the tally this weekend. Unfortunately, it’s looking like 15,000 isn’t going to cover it — I still have a lot of ground to cover, and I don’t think a mere 3,500 additional words is going to do the trick. Especially since at least a third of what I’ve written so far is sidebars and footnotes. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m not allowing myself to post any more comic strips here until I’m done with the Zine text. Those of you who are eagerly awaiting the magazine you paid for long ago are undoubtedly happy about this because it means you’ll be getting what’s rightly yours fairly soon; meanwhile, everyone else is undoubtedly happy about this because it means you’re spared the agony of reading more of my amateurish comics. Really, it’s hard to think of a situation that more completely embodies the concept of “win-win.”

In tangentially-related news, I attended Wondercon this weekend. As I’m not really a fan of mainstream comic books per se (besides small press/manga graphic novels, all I read is X-Factor — and that’s only out of a tenacious, nostalgic loyalty for Peter David’s previous run on the title) I felt a little out of sorts. But I do feel it was an appropriately-named convention, as I frequently found myself wondering many things. Like:

  • Is an original paste-up of an ’80s-era Alpha Flight interior page really worth $1500?
  • Is Mark Texiera actually impressed when you bring him a porn magazine and ask for a sketch based on one of the pictures, or was that dude just making an ass of himself?
  • What drives a fairly attractive young woman to dress up as Lara Croft and wander amongst hundreds of lonely boys whose idea of how to relate to women has largely been shaped by comic books? Desperation? A violent need for attention? Suicidal impulses?
  • Why was that little kid wearing Steve Purcell’s name tag? Is the creator of Sam & Max really a child genius, or did he simply become eternally ageless in the explosion that destroyed the Moon all those years ago?
  • Have you never heard of soap, buddy? Phew.
  • Where’s Scott Pilgrim 3, anyway?

Out-of-sorts as I may have felt, it was still worth the effort, since I bought an absolutely amazing poster.

Also, I discovered that if you’re wearing a press badge, people will give you free stuff… even if you tell them not to. I wish I were more unscrupulous so I could really take advantage of this amazing cosmic power confered upon me by lucking into a cool job.

12 thoughts on “The evil forces of the Wondercons

  1. ÃŒEl Superhombre es muy magnifico!

    How do you feel about Warren Ellis’ writing? Some people hate it, other people think he’s some sort of hopped-up Jesus-bot.

    The reason I ask is that I think you’d like Nextwave; though then again I am lobbying hard to have copies of Nextwave given to every child born in North America, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

  2. Scott Pilgrim 3 is kind of late. It was supposed to be out by Christmas, but O’Malley slacked off, so it should be sometime in March if everything goes well.

    The best part is that O’Malley lives in Halifax, and is great friends with the guys at one of the local comic book shops there, Strange Adventures, and since I’m on really great terms with the people at Strange Adventures, the owner is going to try and hook me up with a signed copy of Volume 3. Yip!

    – Eddie

  3. I dunno, I grew up in the early Image era so comic delays don’t really faze me. It’s just that volumes one and two looked so lonely sitting by themselves at all the displays on the show floor. My heart went out to them and I wished they could have a companion.

    (Also there’s the thing about me wanting to read it, too.)

  4. I read that Scott Pilgrim 3’s been delayed to be compatible with the Revolution. O’Malley denies this, saying they’re just adding more dungeons and stuff.

    I wonder what you’re doing at Wondercon, anyway…

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