Safety in lethargy

Given recent world events, I’ve gotta say I’m glad I had the foresight to include Jesus and Buddha in this comic but not Mohammed. Well, for a certain value of foresight. The one that means “being too lazy to draw a fifth character in a single comic.”

Also, I’ve finally relaunched some form of regular classic coverage of a sort at work in shape of Retronauts, a bi-weekly column. Those who care about such things could best consider it the mid-season replacement for Crucial Classics, a well-intentioned series that never really went anywhere… probably because it was too much like a watered-down version of The Essential 50. Retronauts has no such ambitions; it’s basically an anything-goes opportunity for me to write about old games I’ve been playing recently. Which in turn is an excuse for me to play old games, which I might not have otherwise. Anyway, the first installment (Lemmings) is a little clumsy since it’s a heavily-rewritten transition from Crucial Classics to the new series, but it should limber up within a few updates.

Now if only the powers-that-be hadn’t killed the Classics section to make room for Xbox 360, we’d really be in business.

7 thoughts on “Safety in lethargy

  1. Ahh, the Crucial series has been put on hold, eh? You know, I always thought that series would have been a lot better if reply to “Why wasn’t Elite “essential”?” had been “we’re just human, we can do mistakes. Sorry.”

    But yeah, I too miss that useful atari joystick link to the Classic features :(

  2. Sorry, it’s not on hold, it’s totally dead. In fact, I mainly chose to go with Lemmings for the first installment rather than something closer to my heart as a sort of passing of the torch (since Lemmings was slated to be the next Crucial Classics).

    Also, the second comment made no sense. Would the gibbering ape who posted it care to clarify?

  3. Well, anyway it’s too true that Lemmings is good with a mouse. Of course, it would have been wonderful with the DS stylus too. But Lemmings is a Sony IP nowadays. I don’t think DMA sold it willingly… They probably couldn’t do anything about it, Lemmings was purchased together with the whole Psygnosis stock.

    If Lemmings was still a DMA IP, it would have been damn nice to find it in some console in San Andreas!

  4. I think Gabriel’s comment was referring to the title image on the Lemmings Retronauts link. It reads something like “Before homocidal gangsters, Rockstar North gave us suicidal rodents.”

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