Dusting off the archives

I’m not sure how many people are clicking on that second set of links to the left (the ones under the header “Articles”), but I’ve been slowly restoring this site’s content in the exciting format known as “wiki.” There’s still quite a bit left to repost, and almost all of it needs to be reformatted to fit the new look. Not to mention re-edited to conform to something like “quality control standards.”

Anyway, one portion is almost complete — the “Retro Webcomix” section. I still need to add a few comics I’ve tossed together in more recent years, but since I seem to have caught the cartooning bug again I figured it would be good to have some foundational content. For reference. So I can look back and feel my work has improved, and everyone else can look back and wonder why my work was so much better back then. And we can all have a good laugh about how fat and lumpy the frog used to be.

I’m also working on reformatting the three bonus comics from the early issues of ToastyFrog Zine for the online format. I figure four years is more than long enough to keep them exclusive, and hopefully having them up will encourage me to keep working on Issue Six. At the very least, it will make me feel terribly guilty.

Anyway, the first one is up and I’ll see if I can get the other two up by the end of the weekend.

Also, I apologize for how offensive those tadpoles look in the art panel posted here. You can pretend they’re paisleys, if it helps.

6 thoughts on “Dusting off the archives

  1. Wow, shopping with Toastyfrog is like shopping with David. You can’t pick up a bag of milk without having to stop at every Wal-Mart and Toys R Us on the way to check for any Transformers or Mega Man toys on sale.

    (Which there never ARE, but he always CHECKS, and we’re going to be the only parents in the world who have to drag our kids into toy stores while they’re fussing and crying as if we’re shopping for shoes or haircuts or broccoli.)

  2. That makes me wonder- the new webcomic features the “old style” Rorita (with full pink hair) and Toasty back again. Or is it still in the old timeline as if the big shift never happened? Or are the two timelines seperated, kinda like the Megaman games? Anyway, those comics are cool, cheers!

  3. Whoa! Another David who stops at every Wal-Mart and Toys R Us to look for Transformers? How can that be? I have a friend just like that! I’m the same way, of course.

  4. You know, considering it looks like Rorita is about to rip open her shirt, I don’t think you should worry about how much like seed those tadpoles look like. To say nothing of the inappropriate hand gestures of the frog.

  5. Thanks, now I hate that panel even more.

    As for the discrepancy between character designs, I chalk that up to “Rorita” changing her hairstyle (and ultimately deciding short and pink suits her best) and, uh, ToastyFrog experiencing puberty. He still has the orange markings, but I didn’t paint them in the NGJ comic because it was a green and pink duotone (no orange). And pink markings would have looked stupid.

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