I have lots of ambitions for this site, since it’s been pretty much the one stable thing in my life over the past nine years (besides my family, I mean).

OK, stop laughing, “stable” wasn’t the word I was looking for. I guess it’s more that no matter what I do I always find myself turning back to this particular project and giving it another go, no matter how much I hate what I’ve done with it in the past. I guess when you’re a relentless, nearly psychotic perfectionist this is the closest thing you can get to stability. The point is I’ve decided to face up to the fact that there’s no escaping my compulsive need to write/draw/tear down a website and built it back up again. So, to that end, I’ve been tweaking it a lot lately and finally getting some content into the wiki section (you might know it better as “Articles”).

You may notice one change in particular to the sidebar. This is known as a “show of good faith.” Like I said, I have a lot of ambitions for this site, but before I move ahead with them I need to do some housekeeping first. Which means that before I start any huge new projects I need to clear out the old ones first.

Anyone care to open a betting pool on whether or not I can actually get Issue Six out by the end of spring?

10 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. All I know is that I don’t particularly like my Issue 6 article anymore. I’ve since graduated from college, read more, written more, and completely lost track of current RPGs, so most of what I had to say back then now seems immature and irrelevant.

  2. *reads previous comment*
    *goes and looks at dates on zine page*
    Huh, I guess it has been a while. Doesn’t seem that long ago, but I guess time slows down for us old fogies who graduated from collage ages ago…

  3. Awesome!

    Say, does this mean you might want my “It Came From The Dollar Store” feature on Haloween candy as a website bonus or something?

    And will the lifetime subsciption package still be honored?

  4. Wow. Does this mean that all of us who subscribed to the ‘zine in the way back when are going to finally be getting what we paid those monies for? I tease, I tease. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  5. “graduated from collage” has a funny kind of irony to it, doesn’t it?

  6. Ah, okay. Looking forward to it.

    (ps: now what am I going to do with these horrible memories of sesame seed candy that had the taste and consistency of pressed sawdust?)

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