Webcomix, Part -1

Well, here’s final proof of my complete incompetence. I felt inspired to create a comic today making use of different visual ideas I’ve swiped from other sources — the flexible 12-panel grid structure of Watchmen, the ink washes that enliven the opening pages of most episodes of Golgo-13, the decompressed character dialogue of Seth’s Wimbledon Green. And even though the paper I was using was much too small to allow for any sort of decent detail, I was still fairly happy with the way the inked art came out.

If only I’d bothered to check to see if the ink was waterproof.

That big ol’ blob in the opening panel started life as a marionberry, but the ink wash made sure that all the interior detail faded to an indeciperable mess. And the water bled into the second panel, so I had to make the most of it despite the fact that it makes ToastyFrog look like he’s wearing a fuzzy sweatshirt. Oh well, maybe next time.

9 thoughts on “Webcomix, Part -1

  1. This reminds me of the issue of the Valiant-era Mario Bros. comic with a whole story based around “chuckberries.” I didn’t get it until I was older … and once I did, I couldn’t help but notice the berries had no musical properties, which seems like a plot element begging to happen.

    (Psst, also, Watchmen was 9-panel.)

  2. Mmmm, marionberries. They’re especially great in pie form.

    I know exactly how Toastyfrog feels—though my family in Oregon usually just raises an eyebrow at the joke.

    Oh, and I like the smudginess of the first panels.

  3. Nine, twelve… math was never my strong suit.

    I would like the smudginess a lot more if it didn’t mean that my original line art had been completely destroyed.

  4. Did I say that? OK, maybe I did. I say a lot of stupid things. I’m going to pretend that what I said was “All the comics I’ve ever done have been crap”… which doesn’t keep me from hoping, however much in vain, that I’ll eventually get them right.

  5. In my opinion, Jeremy is like one of those alcholics who claims “I’ll never do this again as long as I live”. We’ll just see if he means it this time…

  6. Oh, Jeremy, I wasn’t trying to be discouraging. The comic is pretty sweet. Believe it or not, I actually like the inkstains. Just no more dandruff jokes, alright?

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