State O' Things

Hello, The Internets! Effective immediately (or at least as soon as your crappy DNS server bothers to propagate the information), this site now has a second URL: And there’s a very good reason for that, which will become apparent, oh, one of these years. I found a bargain rate on domain name registration, so I have five years to make good on it. Of course, will work for at least another year and a half — until the current registration runs out, at the very least — so basically I’m just being redundant. Story of my life, really.

I’m off and away from the Internet this weekend, savoring the joys of a sleepy little town called Portland. Golgomania!! returns next week, along with other assorted nonsense that doesn’t involve steely-eyed gunmen with a thing for slightly chunky blonde women. I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I’m making a sincere effort to restore a bit of this site’s former quality (such as it was). It’s really sort of embarrassing how run-down it’s become in the past couple of years.

Try not to flame me too much while I’m away.

Edit: Er, to clarify, I’m not actually abandoning the name “” is just a second link to tie into something I’ll (hopefully) be getting underway in a while.