Big radness in little Chinatown

I don’t sing the praises of San Francisco’s Chinatown often enough on this blog, so it’s time to rectify that problem. Not only is Chinatown (and its various spinoffs, including Inner Richmond’s Clement St. and the Outer Sunset’s Irving St.) a source for delicious, inexpensive food, oversized Piyo-Piyo dolls and cheap housewares of suspicious origins, it’s also a great place to get back in touch with your childhood.

Who could forget the heartwarming exploits of A. A. Milne’s Pooh-Pooh, here depicted in loving detail on a small coin purse?

And this fantastic coin wallet rekindles old memories of hours spent by the fireside reading about the comical adventures of Deformed Snoopy (and all the Deformed Peanuts gang).

And let’s not forget that most famous of Japanese sentai superheroes, Superman.

God bless you, Chinatown. May your goodness shine brightly forever. Even the dim sum.

8 thoughts on “Big radness in little Chinatown

  1. Here’s to hoping they someday stumble forward a few decades into some “Wuzzles” “C.O.P.S.” or “BraveStarr” merchandise… I’d love to see a twisted version of “Tex-Hex” on some headbands…

  2. That Superman thing actually made me laugh out loud. I imagine the same thing would happen if I were to see a picture of an apple with the word “banana” written under it.

  3. woah woah, where exactly did you get the pooh thing from? that is way way way too cute.

  4. All of this stuff was found in random little shops in SF’s Chinatown areas. I don’t actually have any use for it besides posting it here, in fact… drop me an email with your mailing if you want one of them.

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